CEO’s Message

Welcome to Lallans

We at Lallans group believe in identifying potential market segments and catering to their needs through innovation. Such an approach to business has become vital at present times. Constantly growing economies, increasing customer demands and preferences are key elements that govern the business world today. Every company strives for innovation and as of today there is almost no market segment untouched. Hence innovation is what sets a company apart from its competitors. Keeping these key elements in mind we at Lallans constantly adopt new and more efficient methods of production to provide our customers with lasting satisfaction.

Lallans group consists of a very dedicated workforce. With over 30 years of experience in the Sri Lankan Business arena the expertise we have gathered through the years reflects our many achievements, awards and the recognition we have received as a well known Sri Lankan brand. We are proud to have provided our customers with lasting satisfaction and the loyal consumer group we have formed throughout the years.

The future looks promising and exciting here for us at Lallans group. We are hoping to widen our customer base by going global. Staying true to the three key elements we believe in; IDENTIFY, INNOVATE, IMPLEMENT we are hoping to step into new business ventures, with the intention of releasing a better, more efficient and innovative product to the market.

This website provides a comprehensive view on what we at Lallans group carry out, join with us as we embrace the future of boundary less opportunities.

A.W Kalpa Perera B.Eng (UK), Dip. Mgmt